New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers Tipp & Quoten 13.10.2020

The NFL is going crazy, both in terms of the schedule and the results. Who would have thought the Browns would be better off than the Saints after four game days? Or the Bengals better than the Chargers?

Both the Saints and the Chargers are under a bit of pressure when it comes to the Monday Night Game. Especially the Chargers with their 1: 3 balance urgently need another success.

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You can’t really blame them for anything in the season so far. If you lose your starting quarterback a few minutes before the start of the game in Week 2 and then have to replace star running back Austin Ekeler, you are simply unlucky.

Rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is doing what he can to win games, but luck was not on their side in both the overtime bust against the Chiefs and the 31:38 against the Bucs.

But they can’t buy anything from the good performances and so on Monday they almost have to win the clear favorites from New Orleans. Is this possible? Why not, because the Saints are not yet as confident as expected before the season. Even the weak Lions could barely beat them on Match Day 4.

That’s why the eight point lead that the bookmakers give them on their way is already an announcement. We see that as a lot, which is why we at least trust the Chargers to play a closer game.

However, they will have to do without their running back Austin Ekeler on Monday, who was put on the IR list this week and will be absent for at least a few weeks.

Since we struggle with a handicap rating for New Orleans for the reasons listed above, we recommend for Saints vs. Chargers tip on New Orleans + over points. In Saints games, at least 57 total points have so far been achieved.

The game will kick off on Tuesday night and the game can be followed live on DAZN. In addition, the big 2020/2021 NFL season preview of the betting base is still online.

Our value tip:

Over 50.0
at William Hill at 1.91

Betting odds as of October 11, 2020, 11:00 am
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New Orleans Saints – Statistics & Current Form

The Saints just got the corner against the Lions last Sunday. In the hard-fought NFC South, every win is important, especially against teams that are rated as weaker.

A victory is a must

That’s why a win against the Chargers is now expected in New Orleans. With 123 points scored so far, the offense is going well again. They have already scored 40 points more than their upcoming opponent.

Above all, Alvin Kamara is really turning it up this season. With a total of 557 yards (236 rushing, 321 receiving) he clearly leads the league.

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Defense worries

However, the Saints have already collected 123 points, which corresponds to an average of 30.75 points. This puts them in one of the lower places in the league – that is not the claim of a self-proclaimed co-favorite for the Super Bowl.

Above all, their defense against third and fourth downs urgently needs to be improved. Fourth tries, their opponents stand at 7 out of 8, which is a disastrous record for New Orleans.

For this reason, we don’t think they will keep the Chargers below 20 on Monday. Thanks to her offense, it will be enough for a win. At Saints versus Chargers, our prediction is a Saints success with many points.

Key Players:

QB: Drew Brees
RB: Alvin Kamara
WR: Michael Thomas
TE: Jared Cook
K: Wil Lutz

Last matches from New Orleans Saints:

United States Los Angeles Chargers stats & current form

The Chargers season has been a pretty wild roller coaster ride to date. First, the long-time quarterback Philip Rivers left the franchise and two new captains were brought into the team with Taylor and Herbert.

Then Taylor was injected broken by the club’s own doctor and rookie Herbert had to take over immediately. And now star running back Ekeler is also out until further notice.

Chargers with some construction sites

There is now a lot of pressure on Justin Herbert and backup running back Joshua Kelley. While Herbert has already shown very strong performances in the last few games, Kelley still owes them.

43.5 rushing yards per game are still a bit too few, even if it has often acted as a backup up to now. Without nearly 100 rushing yards for Kelley, it will be very difficult to beat the Saints in their Superdome.

Is your defense holding up?

Your defense is definitely playing better this season than in previous years. But now, against the Saints’ power offense, she is being put to a very tough test.

They will probably not be able to keep up the 23.75 points collected on average, which is why an extremely good game is required offensively to have a chance of victory.

However, that we can imagine an offensive fireworks display on both sides are in New Orleans vs. Los Angeles odds on over-points our chance. We can take on bets on over 50.0 total points without any problems.

Key Players:

QB: Justin Herbert
RB: Joshua Kelley
WR: Keenan Allen
TE: Hunter Henry
K: Michael Badgley

Last matches from Los Angeles Chargers:

New Orleans Saints – Los Angeles Chargers betting odds compared 10/13/2020

Betting odds as of November 18, 2020, 01:01 am
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Direct comparison / H2H balance

Saints vs. Chargers is a matchup that we only see every four years in the NFL. This makes a direct comparison difficult, especially since the team on the Chargers side has changed a lot.

Over-points as a way out

Since it is very difficult for us to evaluate the level of the favorite status, we recommend betting on many points in combination with a simple Saints win for this game.

Much will be related to the effectiveness of the Chargers’ running game. If Kelley can take on the part of disgust, then it will be a tighter game than many experts and betting providers expect.

Statistics highlights for United States New Orleans Saints gegen Los Angeles Chargers United States

Betting base forecast & United States New Orleans Saints – Los Angeles Chargers United States tip

How much do the Saints win? This question is at the forefront of our betting analysis. We see the eight point handicap as too much, which is why we at Saints against Chargers favor a tip on Saints + over points.

Key-Facts – New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers Tipp

  • The Saints have already scored 40 points more than the Chargers
  • It’s the first time the teams have come together since the Chargers moved to LA
  • Rookie Justin Herbert will continue to replace regular starter Tyrod Taylor at LA

However, if you prefer handicap bets on a winner, we recommend the Saints. 6-7 points of handicap are the highest of the feelings that we would still subscribe to.

United States New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers United States – best NFL Quotes

United States victory New Orleans Saints: [email protected]Interwetten
Draw: [email protected]
United States victory Los Angeles Chargers: [email protected]

Betting odds as of October 11, 2020, 11:14 am
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United States New Orleans Saints – Los Angeles Chargers United States – Betting odds * & other interesting bets at a glance:

Over / Under 50.0 total points
Over 50.0 points: 1.91 @William Hill
Below 50.0 points: 1.91 @William Hill

Betting odds as of October 11, 2020, 11:14 am
* 18+ | Note the terms and conditions

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