New pandemic after Corona? Man diagnosed with plague

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The corona pandemic is not the only fatal disease that is making a name for itself. Several people are also infected with the plague in China.

In the Chinese part of Mongolia, a shepherd was infected with the bubonic plague noted how resident health officials report. The disease was responsible for the so-called black death in the Middle Ages, which claimed an estimated 25 million deaths in Europe between 1346 and 1353. Compared to the current one Corona-Pandemie a worldwide outbreak would be much more devastating.

Next corona pandemic? So much is known about the plague case

So far, it has apparently been an isolated case; there is currently no fear of the plague-like spread of the plague. The New York Times also cited the Bayannur City health department that the plague-infected man is currently in a stable condition and is being cared for in a local hospital.

The agency also issued an alert regarding possible transmission cases, warning people in the area against hunting, eating or transporting infected animals. Marmots in particular could therefore be dangerous, which is why dead or sick rodents would have to be reported in order to prevent the spread of the plague like the corona pandemic in the event of a plague.

The plague can quickly become the next corona pandemic

The disease showed almost 700 years ago that the plague can spread quickly and kill across the board. As in the past, the pathogen is transmitted via fleas, which infect the responsible bacterium in rodents. Many such animals live in the Chinese part of Mongolia, where the latest plague case was found.

Schom in November 2019, authorities from Beijing reported two people infected with pneumonia, another type of plague caused by the same bacterium. It is the only one that, like the corona pandemic virus, spreads from person to person through droplet infection. If it is not treated, it is invariably fatal. The bubonic plague, on the other hand, has a lower mortality rate of 30 to 60 percent if it is not treated.

Worldwide there is the New York Times according to a limited number of cases of plague. In the U.S. alone, an average of seven infections are reported annually. A second corona pandemic from the plague is therefore unlikely to the present extent. The Pest is by no means the only plaguethat can haunt like world. Some other diseases are also fatal.

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