New PCR-TEST specifications for Canary Islands cruises

New PCR test regulations at AIDA Cruises

In the Canary Islands, the Spanish law of November 12, 2020 changed the test regulations with effect from November 23, 2020. There are basically four essential points.

  1. All persons including children must be tested
  2. Rapid antigen tests are no longer allowed
  3. All personal data must be noted on the PCR test
  4. The test must be carried out by each individual

Until recently, it was also possible to enter the Canary Islands with a rapid antigen test, which has now been canceled by the Spanish central government, whereby the Canary Islands would be happy to continue, but currently only the correct PCR test applies. And here it is imperative to ensure that all persons entering the country have this, including infants, toddlers and toddlers, until now this was only mandatory from the age of six. That is now obsolete.

AIDA has updated the website for this and has probably already informed the first customers or is currently in the process of informing the customers. So far they have not been active in the Canary Islands, so I assume that they are playing this information again on a large scale anyway. Especially because the PCR test has to be carried out, for which AIDA also found a direct solution.

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