New Pokémon Snap – Everything you need to know about the next Nintendo Exclusive

Those nostalgic for Nintendo 64 will soon have the opportunity to eat Madeleine de Proust with the release of New Pokémon Snap, “Continuation” of the first title released 20 years ago! A title that should do good to a Switch lacking new games, and which recently had the right to a detailed presentation, allowing us to see the many new features that await us.

  • A whole new region for an almost identical concept

New Pokémon Snap will take place in the region of Lensis, an archipelago that is home to many areas, each more different than the next. From the jungle to the desert, everything is in place to give credibility to the appearance of the 200 Pokémon present in the game. A new land, therefore, that you will be “free” to explore to play the paparazzi.

Of course, as in episode N64, your walks will be in a vehicle (here called Neo-One), and you can throw lots of things not ecological at all on the wild Pokémon in order to make them react and realize better shots. These will be evaluated, as in the good old days, according to your ability to frame or create funny situations on your takes.

The photos will be saved on a Fotodex, which as you may have understood, is an Instagram version Pokédex. The latter in addition to listing your best photos, will give you a lot of information ranging from the weight of the Pokémon, to the usual description of the latter. Little more, it will be possible this time to collect the different scenes that can be made with the same pocket monster.

  • A very… Pokémon story.

At the start of the game, our character meets Professor Mirror and Rita, his assistant. And of course, they expect you to explore the aforementioned region in order to take as many pictures as possible of pocket monsters in their natural habitat. A job worthy of National Geographic will therefore await you, in order to help the professor in his research on the Lumini phenomenon.

The leitmotif of this New Pokémon Snap, the Lumini phenomenon is a hazard that makes Pokémons and their environment shine, without knowing why.

Price: € 59.99 (recommended price)
Taille : 6,8 Go
Online: No multiplayer but has online functionality

In addition, remember that New Pokémon Snap releases for Nintendo Switch on April 30.

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