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Game news New Pokémon Snap prend date sur Switch

On the occasion of Pokémon Presents last June, Tsunekazu Ishihara unveiled New Pokémon Snap, a production marking the return of a cult Nintendo 64 opus. The game today shares its release date.

New Pokémon Snap will be a new episode deploying creatures from all generations of the license. The player is invited to explore different biomes in order to take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat. The objective will be, alongside Professor Miroir who will note your achievements and Rita, his assistant, to take part in a major ecological study.

Prepare to discover the sumptuous Lentis Islands in New Pokémon Snap. With its lush jungles and immense deserts, the Lentis region is a true natural wonder offering varied ecosystems and teeming with Pokémon just waiting to be observed.

You can get around easily using the Neo One, an automatic vehicle following various routes across the islands. To attract creatures, it will be possible to use Lentis Tender Apples to attract their attention. Note that your final score will depend on “the posture of the photographed Pokémon, its size in the image, whether it is facing you or not, or its position in the frame“.

New Pokémon Snap will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch starting Friday, April 30. Pre-orders are open.

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