Economy NEW PURCHASE RULES: Walmart, Costco, Target, Home Depot

NEW PURCHASE RULES: Walmart, Costco, Target, Home Depot


The coronavirus pandemic has caused the directives of large chain stores and the most popular supermarkets to have new purchasing rules and measures. Find out here what they are for each establishment.

It is necessary to be prepared for long hours of waiting, with a lot of patience and civility due to the new measures of the stores that we often resort to to supply ourselves in the United States.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the directives of large chain stores and the most popular supermarkets to have new purchasing rules and measures.

So starting this weekend it is vital to learn about these new rules so as not to be surprised by the long lines before entering stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Costco. The best advice is to leave the family at home before going out to make the purchase.

All of these are a response to the urgent need to maintain social distance. Here is what you should know for each establishment:


As of Saturday, Walmart is limiting the number of people in its stores, will modify the traffic through the aisles in one direction and designate the entrance and exit doors.

This was the official statement on his Twitter account

The measure says: “no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet will be allowed at any given time, equivalent to 20% of the store’s capacity,” explains this statement released this Friday.

It also specifies that a single entrance will be used where buyers will be directed to the doors where they will be counted and admitted one by one. There, store staff will use signs to remind them of the importance of social distancing while they wait to enter the store.

Here is a practical video of how they are doing these measurements

The new policies of the supermarket chain are grateful that many of the clients have followed the advice of using social distancing, but also warns that the company “has registered some behaviors that put our collaborators and clients at undue risk.”

Walmart was one of the first chain stores to advertise and make major changes to all of its facilities: from closing early to clean and restock, to banning returns and refunds on certain products.

They also have serious cleaning crews dedicated exclusively to keeping shopping carts, shelves, and boxes clean.

Walmart is asking its customers to take the action that we announced at the beginning of this article: Leave their families at home to allow the proper functioning of social distancing.

More details here in La Opinion


Another of the most popular stores in the United States for its quantity of products and services at great prices is Target.

This company will limit the number of people who enter its stores depending on the size of the branch.

This is how he communicates it to his clients on his Twitter:

Within extreme cleanup measures, Target employees are cleaning the surfaces of the boxes every 30 minutes for the safety of their customers, and starting this week some of the employees will be wearing masks and gloves as protection during working hours.

Regarding products with higher demand, the capacity of the supply is being accelerated to satisfy the constant demand in the stores.

Here more details of the measurements:

Some stores have taken steps like closing their testers to customers unless customers request to use them.

Home Depot

Also starting this week, Home Depot will control and limit the number of customers in each of its stores. These clients will only be able to enter the premises one by one.

Here is the information communicated on the company’s official Twitter account:

The BFW attention schedule has also been modified. Its stores have started closing at 6 p.m. and all of their special spring sales events have also been unfortunately canceled.

Here is the information communicated on the company’s official Twitter account:

In a statement, the company reported that its full-time workers over the age of 65 will receive an additional 160 hours of paid free time and those who are part-time 80. The time may be used in the remainder of 2020 and may be paid to employees at the end of the year in case they don’t use it. In this Tweet there are more specifications:

Home Depot also reported that it is donating all N95 respirators to hospitals, healthcare providers, and first aid workers, therefore they will NOT be available in stores for customers.


Costco membership chain also announced that starting last Friday, only one person will be allowed to enter the store.

The membership card allows members to enter with two people to make their purchases, and for this reason it is a place very visited by entire families. The new provisions no longer allow it.

“This temporary change is for your safety and the safety of our employees and other members, and to further assist with our social distancing efforts,” the company reported on its website.

Warehouses have stopped offering food samples and most are not accepting returns of certain merchandise.

Some of its clients have already celebrated this measure regarding sanitary products, cleaning essentials and basic foods:

Costco also offers tools on its social networks to verify the arrival of essential products:


Before leaving home, check the hours of operation of any of these stores and prepare for the new rules with great sanity and patience. Always remember to apply social distancing and to wear home-made masks (especially in states and counties where they are compulsory) as well as gloves to carry out your purchases.

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