New report: A quarter of “Corona” patients suffer from long-term symptoms

A year and a half after the outbreak of the epidemic, the condition known as “long-term corona” is still baffling doctors. A large number of patients suffer from long-term symptoms after infection with the Corona virus, but it is not clear why this occurs, who is more likely to develop this condition or even how many patients continue to suffer, according to “Time” magazine.

A large new study may help piece together some of the answers to these questions. In line with previous estimates, a new report found that nearly a quarter of people infected with the virus develop at least one protracted health problem, and that most prolonged COVID-19 symptoms are more commonly reported by women than men.

The report was released on June 15 by the nonprofit health organization Fair Health. The organization analyzed private health care claims records for nearly two million patients diagnosed with “Corona” in 2020. The study included patients from children to the elderly; About 53 percent of females and 47 percent of males.

Twenty-three percent of them reported one or more health problems at least 30 days after they were diagnosed with COVID-19. The most common problems included pain, difficulty breathing, high cholesterol, malaise or tiredness and high blood pressure. But the reported post-Corona symptoms were quite diverse, ranging from depression and anxiety to skin diseases, heart problems and digestive upset.

Patients with severe cases of corona were the most likely to report a case of “long-term corona”, but the study shows that people can become infected with this even after suffering from mild symptoms of the virus.

While patients of all ages and genders have reported post-coronavirus cases, their specific symptoms vary somewhat by demographic. For example, digestive problems were the third most common symptom among pediatric patients, but the 11th most common among people aged 40 to 49 years. High cholesterol was the second most common symptom among patients aged 50 to 59 years, but it was the thirteenth most common among children.

Symptoms also vary by gender. Previous studies have indicated that long-term Covid disease is more common in women than men, and new research supports this conclusion. Fifty-eight percent of the people who developed post-coronavirus symptoms were female. But some problems, such as heart disease and kidney failure, affected men significantly more often.

There are still many unknowns about the long-term “corona”, including – in particular – why it happened. Some experts believe that remnants of the virus lurk in some people’s systems, causing permanent health problems. Another theory is that the virus stimulates some people’s immune systems, causing the body to attack itself. More research is needed to confirm this, and to develop treatments for this medical condition.


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