New report indicates that Amber Heard will not rest until sinking Johnny Depp and his career

There is no doubt that Amber Heard has become one of the most hated people on social media. The 34-year-old actress was embroiled in an endless legal battle with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, and for the past few months things have not turned out well for her. Although it has the favor of justice, it is not so with the public. But no matter what the cost, it seems that Amber it won’t stop until it leads to Depp into the deepest abyss, so declares new information from National Enquirer. A long road awaits both of them in court and even more towards the recovery of their personal and work stability.

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Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp They were married from 2015 to 2017, developing a turbulent bond in which domestic violence was present. The actress accused the star of Pirates of the Caribbean for physical abuse and the world turned in her favor, making her the face of abuse survivor and ambassador for major campaigns on the issue. At the beginning of 2019, Johnny sued her for defamation, demanding a payment of US $ 50 million, but that was just the beginning, because the following year the trial for the actor’s other lawsuit against the British newspaper The Sun took place. who called him a “wife beater” in a 2018 article.

In early 2020, Amber Heard fell from the favor of the public after revealing a series of audios in which she is heard being violent with Depp, a fact that forever changed his image. Fans of Johnny are fully convinced that it was he who suffered physical abuse at the hands of Heard, but the actor’s evidence was not enough for the British court, which awarded victory to The Sun and his protégé. National Enquirer collects the testimonies of people close to the conflict … the star of Aquaman – 73% is a long way from yielding.

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The London ruling was a huge victory for Amber, but she and her legal team won’t rest until she wins in all the courts. She will do whatever it takes to bring Johnny down!

National Enquirer also points out that Johnny he is in a very bad financial position due to all the expenses that the lawsuit has brought him, and that he could even go bankrupt soon: “I had $ 100 million in budget when this mess started and it is disappearing quickly with the attorneys’ fees , court costs and everything else. ” The sources of the medium mention that the actor will not give up since this was never about money, but to clear his name before Hollywood and the world. He intends to appeal the result of the British court and still has a trial in Virginia ahead of the lawsuit against Heard.

During his stay in the Royal Courts of London, Johnny Depp mentioned having tried all kinds of drugs throughout his life, and admitted the problems he got involved in due to excesses, from the destruction of a hotel room in the that was his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss, even his uncontrolled adventures with musical idols like Marilyn Manson Y Keith Richards. This, coupled with the revelation of having spent immeasurable amounts of money on alcohol and other addictive substances, along with the burden represented by the unfortunate death of River Phoenix, they subtracted many points in the battle. Let us remember that the brother of Joaquin Phoenix died of an overdose at the Viper Room nightclub, owned by Johnny.

How far will it go Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp in your legal confrontation? Both have been very affected, turning their divorce and lawsuits into a media spectacle followed by the press with a magnifying glass. 2021 will be a difficult year for both, as the trial that will face them directly arrives. For the moment Amber He has the upper hand thanks to the support of the British courts but things could take an unexpected turn at any moment. Things are far from clear.

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