New rules for visiting the beach on the Baltic Sea planned

The first federal states are already packing for the summer holidays, and many are drawn to the Baltic Sea in Corona times. There, the coastal towns look forward to the guests, but fear a mass rush. Modern technology should help.

Towel over the couch was yesterday. A new app is planned for the future Baltic Sea regulate who can go to the beach and when. Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther wants to go on vacation during the Corona crisis rely on the booking of coastal sections by smartphone.

“You can register via the app that you want to go to a stretch of beach within a certain period of time,” the CDU politician told the “Tagesspiegel am Sonntag” about the plans for the booking system. “If there is still space, you log in and then have access authorization.” The community Scharbeutz on the Bay of Lübeck developed the system according to his information, now it could also be used by other places.

Prevent large crowds

Günther announced: “We will continue to carry out strong controls. We will not ensure that everyone is as close together as in the sardine can.” The Prime Minister saw the course of the Ascension and Pentecost weekends as a good sign for tourism in Schleswig-Holstein. “Both weekends went well in the tourist resorts. There were occasional closures when there were too many day guests. But the first test for the summer season worked.”

The Kiel Tourism Minister Bernd Buchholz (FDP) had already considered restrictions in mid-May to prevent large crowds. It might be about making reservations for some sections of the beach – via app or with a ticket system, he had explained at the time.

Reserve beach spots

The Mayor of Scharbeutz, Bettina Schäfer, who has sometimes blocked access to her location to limit the onslaught, relies on the app, which is primarily intended to guide day-to-day tourism. Holidaymakers who have booked a room in the resort can access their spa card, said Schäfer a few days ago “Time online”.

Locals could always go to the beach. “As a day tourist, you will have to reserve a ticket in advance for the remaining beach spots,” she said. This system cannot be pounded out of the ground overnight. “Our goal is to start the summer vacation, but it will be very sporty.”

Summer vacation will start soon

The Pentecost weekend showed that the concern about too many people on the beaches and promenades is justified. There were no more beach chairs available in many coastal towns, and the towns of Scharbeutz and Haffkrug sometimes did not allow any more guests to enter on Monday afternoon.

A survey shows that this can also happen again in the summer holidays, which start in two or two and a half weeks in some federal states: According to this, more than 40 percent of Germans would currently like to take a vacation on the German Baltic Sea. In second place in the representative online study published by the Sinus Institute in cooperation with YouGov on Friday, the North Sea in Germany came in at 36 percent.


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