New scuffle between Mayor Claudia López and Minister of Health – Bogotá

This Monday, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, and the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, starred in another moment of tension in the social network Twitter, after the president reproached that the Sinovac vaccines, which arrived on Saturday, have not been distributed in Bogotá.

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Through a trill, López showed his discomfort at the fact that “another day” passed without the Sinovac vaccines being distributed in the capital. “Another day ends without distributing the Sinovac vaccines that arrived since Saturday. We are in a race against a third peak of COVID19, with the death, pain and unemployment that it can cause! In Bogotá we already show that we are ready … waiting for vaccines to continue“said the president.

For his part, Minister Ruiz replied to López that the logistics involved in the distribution of vaccines do not have the same effect as the “lack of measures that took place in December.”

“Two days of distribution logistics programming is little compared to the effects on death, pain and unemployment for days without measures that the city had in December. As we announced on Friday in the PMU, today the assignment resolution comes out“said the Minister of Health.

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Regarding the criticism of López’s management in December, the mayor replied to Ruiz: “Dear Minister, the peak in December / January was the world. Bogotá came forward in 5 weeks. To attack me with pride for asking about the delivery of Vaccines do not save anyone. Mass vaccination will save millions. We hope they will deliver on the deliveries they announced. “

Minister Ruiz responded again with a trill in which he made a call to López to understand that there are more cities in addition to Bogotá: “Mayor, there are ways to ask, you are aware that yesterday 4pm they delivered the older adult info without a database. He knows that we have to complete the other cities. His unilateral demand understands my tweet aggressively. Please read yours with the same lens, “wrote the Minister of Health

In another trill, the mayor congratulated the Ministry of Health for the announcement of the delivery of 45,000 doses of Sinovac for Amazonas and other territorial entities bordering Brazil, but stressed that she hopes to receive 25 percent of that amount in the capital to begin with the vaccination of adults over 80 years of age.

Here’s how the vaccination goes with the Sinovac batch:

The vaccines against covid-19 that are part of the first batch of 50,000 that arrived a week ago in the country have already begun to be applied in 31 territorial entities.

This Monday, for example, began to immunize health workers from the first line of care of covid-19 patients in Yopal (24 doses), Florencia (149), Arauca (120), Quibdó (144), Mocoa ( 9) and Villavicencio (348).

In total, according to the balance cut at 4:00 pm on Monday, the country reached 45,166 doses applied, 5,339 of them between Sunday and Monday.

The Minister of Health affirmed that the goal of the portfolio for this first batch of 50,000 vaccines was to apply them in one week, that is, on February 24. In that sense, it reported that 90 percent of that total has already been applied. “This period is a learning curve that will allow us to move on to larger vaccination numbers in the coming weeks,” he said.

Similarly, Minister Ruiz revealed that this Tuesday the distribution of Chinese vaccines from Sinovac to Leticia, where the majority of the population is expected to be vaccinated. And while he did not specify the number of doses they will send, He did affirm that the intention to lift an epidemiological blockade in the region will be initiated in this way..

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