New semiconductor fab: Micron’s new $15 billion facility moves to Boise

Image: Micron

Two weeks ago, Micron announced major investments. It’s slowly becoming clear where things might be headed: Instead of going to Texas and also to the area around Austin, Micron will now focus on its home location in Boise after all.

In the authority of Lockhart Caldwell County has received the first papers describing the construction of a factory in eight stages. The project could reach a volume of up to 20 billion US dollars, although the exact amount has not yet been named and the time frame has not been specified. It’s the company’s “feeling” of how big the tax breaks and other subsidies and perks could be in the area if Micron chose to locate there.

Texas as the new stronghold of the IT industry

Texas has recently become an IT hotspot in the USA: TSMC, Texas Instruments, GlobalWafers, NXP, Applied Material and others have major construction projects in this very region. Samsung is building a large factory in Taylor, Texas, and recently filed documents suggesting up to 11 possible plants that could add over 10,000 direct jobs. The investment volume could amount to 200 billion US dollars in the next 15 to 20 years, if all these plans are implemented.

Micron cooks on a slightly smaller flame, although a lot of money is involved here too. By the end of the decade, Micron plans to invest $40 billion to “to set up a state-of-the-art accumulator production facility in the USA in several phasesAccording to a press release from what it claims to be the world’s fourth-largest semiconductor manufacturer two weeks ago. The investments would only be part of the much larger sum of a total of 150 billion US dollars that Micron wants to invest in its global memory production in the current decade – most of which will probably go to Asia.

Update 09/02/2022 07:17 am

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