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New start for the basic pension | TIME ONLINE


"Able to work and willing to work" – this is how the Chancellor describes the grand coalition of the Union and the SPD. Your proof: the mid-term review. After all, two-thirds of the projects from the coalition Agreement They made it in half of the legislature. But the external effect? Lisa Caspari, deputy director of the political department of ZEIT ONLINE, thinks that the coalitioners work despite their solid record, as if they went to the scaffold every day. And if this balance was itself the breaking point for the Social Democrats to agree to a further alliance with the Union, there is now a new one: the Grundrente. On Sunday, both sides meet again to find a compromise. Although they agree in principle that employees
Workers who are 35 years in the statutory
Have paid pension insurance, a pension ten percent
should receive above the basic security. But the SPD does not want the applicants to undergo a review to see if they are really in need – even though the SPD originally agreed to such an audit in the coalition agreement. It depends on how big the circle of recipients – and what it costs, ie how much other contributors and the younger generations have to pay for the basic pension.

A press conference changed world history at that time. On 9 November 1989 announced the Politburo member Günter Schabowski rather accidentally: The Berlin Wall is opened. The fact that it came to such a degree that two German states became one is due to a civic movement that began with prayers for peace, until it came to ever larger Monday demonstrations, to which the GDR state power finally opposed nothing more. Now, 30 years later, the peaceful revolution of the East Germans is remembered in numerous public events and festivals. In Berlin, however, "the big kitsch" has broken out, as criticized Dirk Peitz, deputy director of the cultural department of ZEIT ONLINE.

And otherwise? Those who work less are happier – and more productive.

Collaboration: Sophia Hofer, Christina Felschen
Moderation: Rita Lauter

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