New test for China’s Xi, Jiang Zemin’s death overlaps with ‘zero corona’ backlash-Bloomberg

The death of former President Jiang Zemin amid growing public opposition to a “zero-corona” policy represents a new test for the current supreme leader, Xi Jinping.

State media reported on November 30 that Mr. Jiang, who was also the general secretary of the Communist Party, died at the age of 96. A few days before that, there were protests all over the country against the zero-corona policy, which Mr. Xi has been promoting as a flag bearer to completely contain the new coronavirus. Although the street demonstrations have calmed down, the movement to mourn the death of Mr. Jiang, who promoted the opening up of the Chinese economy, may give new impetus to criticism of Mr. Xi.

China’s former president Jiang Zemin dies

Students attending a memorial service for Hu Yaobang (Tiananmen Square, Beijing, April 22, 1989)

Photographer: Catherine Henriette/AFP/Getty Images

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