New treatment eradicated tumors in terminally ill patients

A team of scientists fromInstitute of Cancer Research (ICR) from Londonhas tested a new treatment that has eradicated tumors in patients with end-stage cancer, reported the Guardian October 11. The drug cocktail could thus help patients with late stage head and neck cancers.

Treatment consists of administering two immunotherapy drugs: the nivolumab and ipilimumab, the combined action of which appears to effectively reduce tumors in certain cancers, despite their advanced stage. Among study participants, some came out almost unscathed from their cancers, and the rest survived three months longer than patients treated with conventional chemotherapy. This new treatment is a promising future prospect in the fight against cancer.

There is for example the case of Barry Ambrose, who suffered fromcancer from the throat considered incurable because it had spread to his lungs. « When I was told about the trial, I didn’t hesitate to sign up – what did I have to lose? » ahe confided. The new treatment permanently cleared the cancer in her throat after eight weeks, and the chemotherapy and surgery that followed also followed suit. eliminated cancer of his lungs: « It turned out to be a lifeline. »

However, the fate of the treatment is uncertain. The phase III clinical trial was not conclusive for all patients and it is currently impossible to determine precisely whether the treatment is actually having beneficial effects or whether it is a very happy coincidence. But the patients who survived are convinced: the treatment gave them a new lease of life.

Source : The Guardian

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