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BARCELONA, Spain, June 1 /PRNewswire/ With the advancement of network transmission and video communication, IPTV and OTT begin to merge, and video platforms integrate video communication functions. At the same time, video services are transforming from SD to UHD, from flat videos to free view and immersive spatial videos, and from single-screen entertainment to multi-screen social interactions. With all these changes, experience is more important than ever.

Envision’s carrier-class video solution drives business success for operators

Currently, 89 of the world’s top 100 operators have deployed OTT video services, and many of them have chosen to build a converged network to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). As we have seen over the past few years, operators have been paying more and more attention to the reliability of their service platforms, whether IPTV or OTT. They also need more capacity to manage massive media assets to handle the explosive growth of web content.

In light of this trend, Huawei offers the Envision Video Solution with a multi-tier, carrier-grade reliability design. Up to 30 million pieces of media content can be managed with this solution. Along with content management, big data analysis, advertising operations and intelligent recommendation functions, it can help operators offer personalized services to subscribers, create more value and further promote their business success.

Multi-Cloud Architecture enables (Empowers) cloud-based transformation of video platforms

In recent years, more and more operators have moved their video service platforms to the cloud. What is the role of operators in this process and how can they keep control over important technologies and markets? These are certainly the most important things for them. In addition, the move to the cloud is not always smooth and operators may face various issues such as: For example, how to ensure carrier-grade reliability, how to seamlessly migrate subscribers, and how to maximize the use of existing investments. All of these issues are delaying operators’ move to the cloud.

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To help operators quickly complete cloud transformation, Huawei has developed a hybrid multi-cloud architecture solution that offers core features such as easy deployment, fast service introduction, elastic scaling, online-offline backup, and video SaaS. With these skills, we can ensure efficient, stable and controllable use of the cloud and help operators maintain their strong competitiveness.

Innovative services offer optimal video experiences

5G brings with it high-bandwidth, low-latency networks, but this high bandwidth cannot be fully utilized by traditional services. In this case, improving network utilization becomes a new issue for operators. Fortunately, new forms of video are emerging, bringing new ways of watching video.

Huawei Envision Video Solution seizes this opportunity and offers users the ultimate personal video experience with our innovative technologies such as Free-Viewpoint, Multi-Viewpoint, 3D, 8K and VR. Huawei is also expanding its video services to smart home scenarios where big TV screens are the focus. This will definitely help the operators to get bigger market share and more revenue. In addition, the QoS guarantee, a unique advantage of the operators, should also be fully used. It can guarantee subscribers extremely low latency and is an absolute asset for them to outperform their OTT competitors.

The video industry will continue to evolve with the convergence and advancement of information technologies and spatial audio and video technologies, as well as the ever-increasing demands of users for audio and video experiences. With the increasing sophistication of video services, Huawei will continue to innovate to offer new services. Born out of Huawei’s constant innovation, the Envision Video Solution uses TV screens as interaction and computer terminals to enable more innovative social video experiences such as phone-TV calls and cloud-based video co-viewing. This will create greater value for video services and we believe it will provide strong support for operators to increase their revenues and capitalize on more opportunities in this space.

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MWC Barcelona 2023 will take place from February 27th to March 2nd in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Huawei will showcase other new video products and solutions including spatial video, clear view video, multi-angle streaming, naked-eye 3D, and more at booth 1H50 in Hall 1 of Fira Gran Via.

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