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The second introductory video has been released!

▲ The second introduction video of this work.

Nintendo is a game software scheduled to be released on October 8, 2021 (Friday), “METROID DREAD“ofIntroductory video 2ndpublish.

In the video, “Samus” stands in the way of “Mysterious bird human raceOr “moving a certain distance at high speed”Flash shift“, Scan the surroundings”Pulse radar]Etc., it is a video that you can check the new action.

METROID DREAD Bird human race

▲ The “bird people” who stand against “Samus”. The attack doesn’t seem to work at all, but …?

METROID DREAD New Action Flash Shift

▲ “Flash shift”. You can move forward / backward at high speed, and you can input up to 2 times.

METROID DREAD New Action Pulse Radar

▲ “Pulse radar”. By using it, you can visualize the blocks that can be destroyed.


Featured image of METROID DREAD

Switch compatible game software “METROID DREAD“teethfearExploratory type based on2D action

First time in 19 yearsof”MetroidThis work, which is a break in the series, is a bounty hunter “Samus AranIs the work of the main character.

The subject of fearIn this work, the normal attack does not work “E.M.M.I.There is a research robot called.
If you get caught, you will die almost instantlyTherefore, the tension of exploring by making full use of various abilities so as not to be found is attractive.

Also, even if you haven’t played the “Metroid” series, this workYou can tell the story by looking at the prologueIt is also recommended for first-time users.

Basic information such as release date

release date October 8, 2021 (gold)
society Nintendo
Genre 2D action
price Package version: 6,980 yen (excluding tax)
Download version: 6,910 yen (excluding tax)
Corresponding hardware Switch
Product information Package version / download version

■ Learn more about “METROID DREAD”!

Click here for an article introducing “METROID DREAD”

© Nintendo

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