New works of thirteen Latvian composers will be performed in “foot concerts” of the New Music Day / Article /

The festival “Latvian New Music Days”, created by the Latvian Composers’ Union (LKS), will take place for the tenth time this year, with thirteen new works by thirteen Latvian composers. Chairman of the Board of LKS, composer Rolands Kronlaks told the Latvian Radio program “Kultūras Rondo” that the concerts of this year’s festival are called “foot concerts”: “The idea of“ foot concerts ”is a desire to look at the fact that

We can enjoy live concerts not only on computer screens at home, but if we are provided with the Internet, we can listen to them and watch them in other places. [..] We are aware that people are tired of being at home and sitting at screens. We suggest taking a different look at this problem. “

Places where it would be advisable to watch and listen to concerts, offered by composers. For example, Jēkabs Nīmanis invites you to look for a sports field, which is not uncommon in the urban environment: “It is an area that inspires a feeling – at this moment something is happening, something is happening. In a way it is [teritorija] is like a point of contact between sport and culture. I think it’s beautiful to be able to listen to contemporary music in that place. ”

About the festival opening concert The central composition is Steve Reich’s composition “Piano Phase”, to which Latvian composers will refer in their works.

Asked how he worked with the task of referring to the work of the Reich, Nimman replies: “In my approach I reflect on this work, but I do not promise that you will find this connection very directly and literally. For me, it’s more of a challenge and a mystery. I deal with it on my own and the listener on my own. There is no right or wrong answer in the music. We are present, we listen and we find. ” The composer emphasizes that his music is written mainly with the performers in mind. If musicians feel joy and excitement while playing a piece, these feelings will take over the listeners as well. Pianists Agnese Egliņa and Rihards Plešanovs will perform the composition “Rearticulated Transformation Game”.

The opening concert can be watched on Latvian Radio 3 “Klasika” Homepage.

Two more conceptual concerts are planned within the framework of the festival, in which the speakers will refer to the Second String Quartet of the Hungarian composer Ģerģs Ligeti and the “Vortex Temporum” by the French composer Gerard Griz. According to Kronlaks, the chairman of the board of LKS, these concerts will be performed in April, not in March, because one of the musicians has just fallen asleep. The new concert dates will be specified.

However, in addition to conceptual concerts, three others are planned for the festival. On March 4, the vocal group “Putni” and the Saxophone Quartet “Atomos” will unite in a joint program, in which both previously created opuses and new works by Plato Buravick, Madara Peterson and Sabine Kezber will be heard. On March 5, the contemporary music interpreter Ensemble U will perform music by avant-garde artist Udo Kasamet, as well as compositions by Jurģis Mačiūnas, Linda Leiman and Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes. During the evening, the contemporary music ensemble “Twenty Fingers Duo” will also be online from Vilnius. Along with compositions by Lithuanian composers, the concert program also includes “Triptych” by Latvian Alvils Altmanis.

Rolands Kronlaks reveals that organizing an online festival is a technically bigger challenge. However, there are also benefits – it is possible to attract an international audience. Jēkabs Nīmanis agrees that the current conditions also come with opportunities. The creators of the festival have already managed to adapt to the challenges of this time since March last year.

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