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A new film in the franchise could be a reality in the coming years

The movie of World of Warcraft : Warcraft: Origen was the first and only film dedicated to this successful video game franchise, released several years ago. According to the medium We Got This Covered , a new movie could be at an early stage.

A film of records and failures

The World of Warcraft film was a box office failure in the American market, unable to break the $ 50 million mark. However, thanks to the push of the Chinese market, Warcraft: The Origin has the title of the film adapted from a video game with the highest income in history. With 439 million dollars (more than half of China) of income. However, its high production costs (160 million dollars), made it considered a global failure.

Even the critics didn’t have much mercy on the film, currently Warcraft maintains a low 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was well received by longtime World of Warcraft fans, but failed to convince the general public.

Its director, Duncan Jones, has repeatedly recounted the difficulties that occurred during the development of the film and gave very little hope of the possibility of a sequel.

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New movie, clean slate

According to this rumor, the new movie would mean something totally new. It would not be a continuation of the movie we know, and apparently Legendary, would be arguing about a new version of the movie.

According to the source of this medium, the film would still be in the negotiation phase. Remember that the previous film took a decade to see the light of day, but it seems that this time the production company wants things to go faster.

As a final note, comment that this medium, We Got This Covered, are the same ones that reported the return of Batman with actor Ben Affleck. As explained in their media, this information about the World of Warcraft movie comes from the same source.


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