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A year ago, China reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) the detection of a rare pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, in Hubei province.

Three months later, in March, the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

But now the city in the center of the Asian giant is living a normal life: this was demonstrated in the celebration of the arrival of the new year.

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And is that while several countries celebrate the arrival of 2021 behind closed doors, in Wuhan hundreds of people gathered in one place. And nor they all wore masks.

This year, however, no fireworks could be seen, a classic tradition that the authorities banned to avoid contagion.

And not only on December 31, the meetings were the common denominator.

Hours before New Year’s Eve, in the Luxiang neighborhood, some 300 people had already gathered to listen to Happy Wheel, a local group that mixes rock and electronic music for the enjoyment of spectators, most of them teenagers and university students. .

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Again, some wore masks, others chose not to wear it.

“There are no cases in Wuhan anymore, it is not necessary. But many people take it as a precaution,
because if the virus has taught us something, it is that you cannot be trusted. We don’t want to screw up again“said Xue, one of the young people who attended the concert.

This is how they celebrated the arrival of 2021 in Wuhan.


This is how they celebrated the arrival of 2021 in Wuhan.


This is how they celebrated the arrival of 2021 in Wuhan.


This is how they celebrated the arrival of 2021 in Wuhan.

A year in hell

In Wuhan, many are sad to remember how the spread of the covid affected in its beginnings or the complete confinement of the city at the end of January, which lasted for 11 weeks.

According to its inhabitants, it was the only possible measure to prevent the covid from continuing to ravage, but they do not forget the confusion of the first days, when there was hardly a supply of food and sanitary material.

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Chu Jing, an official, prefers to look ahead and highlights that local authorities are already vaccinating against covid, although at the moment only among groups considered at risk.

“It is available in some clinics in various districts. But not everyone can be vaccinated, only people between 18 and 59 years of the so-called risk groups, so for now my parents are not going to be able to vaccinate, which is what that I wanted, “he explains.

So far in Wuhan only people in risk groups can be vaccinated

Although the city has not detected positive for local contagion since mid-May, Jing fears “imported cases”, that is, those arriving from abroad.

In the past three months, 43 such cases, 10 confirmed and 33 asymptomatic, were detected in Wuhan.

Wuhan managed to reverse the situation thanks to medical support from other Chinese provinces, strong preventive measures or the express construction of hospitals (which began receiving patients in February).

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