New Year’s Concert: Still no clarity, but at least a program

In view of the corona pandemic, it is still unclear how the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert will actually take place in 2021. What is certain is that the top orchestra will play in the Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein – with or without an audience.

And the program for the musical New Year’s greeting is now fixed, for which Riccardo Muti will swing the baton for the sixth time. It will be a colorful bouquet in which Strauss sets the tone.

The program for the New Year’s Concert 2021:

Franz von Suppé: “Fatinitza March”
Johann Strauss (son): “Sound waves” (Waltz, op. 148)
Johann Strauss (son): “Niko-Polka”
Josef Strauss: “Without worries” (Polka fast, op. 271)
Carl Zeller: “Pit lights” (waltz)
Karl Millöcker: “In Saus und Braus” (Gallop)
Franz von Suppé: “Poets and Peasants” (Overture)
Karl Komzak: “Bad’ner Mad’ln” (Walzer, op. 257)
Josef Strauss: “Margherita Polka”
Johann Strauss (father): “Venetian gallop”
Johann Strauss (son): “Spring Voices” (Waltz, op. 410)
Johann Strauss (son): “Im Krapfenwaldl” (Polka francaise, op. 336)
Johann Strauss (son): “New Melody Quadrille”
Johann Strauss (son): “Kaiser Waltz”
Johann Strauss (son): “Stormy in love and dance” (Polka fast, op. 393)

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