New York closes schools again because of the choir …

All New York public schools will be closed as of Thursday due to the advance of coronavirus. According to the Minister of Education, Richard Carranza, in principle it will be a “temporary” measure, although there are no reopening figures. Just today the deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Jarbas Barbosa, had warned about the effect of the second wave in the country on the health system.

Barbosa had warned this Wednesday about the record number of hospitalizations for covid-19 that were registered in the United States, which would put the care of severe cases of the disease at risk.

Until yesterday, according to The Covid Tracking Project platform, which collects public data, there were 76,830 people hospitalized by covid-19, a record number since the global pandemic was declared in mid-March.

“The United States continues to see an acceleration of cases, reporting more than a million new infections in the last week alone. These increases have also led to a record number of hospitalizations, “Barbosa said during a press conference.

This situation, he warned, is “particularly worrying, since We know that when our healthcare facilities are overwhelmed, our ability to treat those who are seriously ill is limited“.

Coronavirus in the United States

The United States reached the figure of 11,340,563 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 248,429 deaths on Tuesday, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

Although New York is no longer the state with the highest number of infections, it remains the hardest hit in terms of dead in the United States, with 34,076. They are followed in number of deaths by Texas with 20,147, California with 18,312, Florida with 17,644 and New Jersey with 16,618. Other states with high death tolls include Illinois with 11,317, Massachusetts with 10,360, Pennsylvania with 9,346, Georgia with 9,008 and Michigan with 8,511.

As to contagion, Texas has 1,078,583, followed by California with 1,049,320, third is Florida with 897,323, Illinois fourth with 597,849 and New York fifth with 568,778.


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