New York Jets won’t have their starting quarterback for another week

When it seems like the New York Jets can’t do any worse, life always finds a way to prove them otherwise. Not only are they the team that has not won a game of the season, but they could end it that way, since once again they will not have their starting quarterback, why Sam Darnold will not play against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Joe Flacco has taken his place in the meantime.

Darnold suffered a shoulder injury from which he has not been able to recover and will now miss his second consecutive week. On Matchday 10, the Jets had a break, so it was hoped that would be enough time. to get him back, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Injuries have been a constant for the player. He first sprained his joint in October against the Denver Broncos and missed the next two games. He started the next two, but he suffered from the shoulder and He hasn’t played since November 1.

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He hasn’t been key in the Jets’ scheme.

Although he is the starting quarterback, his performances have not been the best and it is just a matter of seeing his numbers so far this season. Barely total 1,045 yards, 3 TD passes and 6 interceptions with a past rating below 70, do New Yorkers really want it back?

The veteran quarterback, Joe Flacco, he has been in charge of taking his place and although he has not achieved a victory either, his numbers seem to be better. In just 4 games he has more than half the yards that Darnold with 659, 4 TD passes, 2 interceptions and a rating of 80.

You can keep adding in week 11.

How Sam Darnold won’t play vs. Chargers, Flacco has the opportunity to show that he could help the Jets, perhaps not reaching the playoffs, but winning a game this season and making it the pride of the worst franchise in the NFL today.

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