New York Registers Fewer Hospitalizations Since Confinement

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The state of NY, the global epicenter of the pandemic of COVID-19 With 26,612 deaths, it registered this Saturday 521 new hospitalizations, its lowest number since last March 20, when the authorities prohibited all non-essential activities to stop the expansion of the new coronavirus, the governor announced this Sunday. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo, who appeared before the media with her daughter Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo and congratulated her mother by videoconference, coinciding with Mother’s Day in the United States, also highlighted that the number of deaths in the last hours had been 207, the lowest since March 27.

Minors with Covid-19

The governor said today that 85 cases of children affected by a syndrome that could be related to Covid-19 are being investigated and that three minors have already been killed in New York. On Saturday, Cuomo put the number of possible cases at 73. In addition, today he pointed out that the deaths of two other children are being investigated and stressed that they have informed the Health Departments of all the states of the country about the state of the situation. .

The symptoms are similar to those of Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. These cases do not present themselves as a typical case of Covid-19, which “are usually respiratory,” he said, before assuring that “they present as inflammation of the blood vessels and sometimes inflammation of the heart.”

The Mayor of New York, Bill de BlasioHe also referred to this “unusual condition” in his daily press conference and was “deeply concerned” about this syndrome. De Blasio, who said that one of the fatalities and 38 of the total patients have been registered in New York City, indicated that in 41% of the cases, the minors had tested positive for COVID-19 and that in 81% of the cases antibodies to the new coronavirus had been detected.


In his daily appearance, the governor also announced new measures in nursing homes after mentioning a report published yesterday by the newspaper The New York Times, according to which a third of the deaths occurred in the United States have taken place in care centers for the elderly. Cuomo announced that from now on these facilities, which operate with state licenses, will have to perform tests to detect the new coronavirus to their employees twice a week and that hospitals will not be able to send back to these centers patients who test positive for Covid-19, even if his life is not at risk.

These new measures are in addition to the previous ones to restrict visits, as well as the obligation of nursing homes to inform the health authorities in case they do not have the necessary protective equipment, facilities to isolate COVID-19 patients or the means to treat them. In such cases, the authorities will transfer the residents to authorized places or other centers where they have the capacity to treat and isolate them without jeopardizing the safety of the rest of the elderly.

The newspaper The New York Times He assured in his edition of Saturday that 25,600 people between residents and workers in centers dedicated to the elderly have lost their lives since the outbreak of the pandemic of the new coronavirus in the US, where according to the newspaper, 78,113 people had died until yesterday. According to the newspaper in twelve states this percentage exceeds 50 percent. Cuomo today wanted to highlight that deaths in nursing homes in the state of New York represent 12% of the total number of deaths and that it is ranked 34 out of the fifty states in terms of the percentage of the population that died in these facilities.


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