New York State extends lockdown until May 15

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that the confinement of the population in this North American state, at least until May 15 to stop the advance of the coronavirus in the territory, where there are already 215,000 cases, including more than 14,000 deaths. Cuomo, anticipating journalists’ questions, has refused to “make projections beyond that period, which is a month, because people need certainty and clarity in order to plan.” In any case, he has insisted that the de-escalation call “will depend on what the data says.”

In recent days, the New York leader has indicated that the “peak” has been exceeded and the contagion curve begins to flatten in one “plateau“In this regard, it has indicated that people admitted by Covid-19 have gone from 18,000 to 17,000 and patients in intensive care have also started to drop “significantly.”

The State of New York will force the wearing of a mask in public places

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Despite this “good news”, the governor has stressed that infections continue to be registered, some 2,000 more in the last 24 hours. On this day they have also joined 606 new deaths, has added. “We have controlled the beast,” he asserted, while blaming it to social distancing measures, without which “the situation would be much worse, we would be in a really bad position.”

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For this reason, he has emphasized the importance of “not losing the progress achieved” with an accelerated return to normality. Before regaining the ‘status quo’, the health system will have to be strengthened and do diagnostic tests in bulk to detect infected people and isolate them and their contacts, he has warned.

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“We have stopped everything. Now How do we get the machine back on? in a coordinated way that does not trigger the number of infections? That is the balance we are trying to achieve “, he confessed. One more day he wanted to influence the idea that” this is a moment of transformation for society “:” There are lessons we must learn. We need to do things differently, we can do things differently, we can do better. ”

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