New York stops mega-wedding in Corona times

Even at smaller wedding celebrations, the coronavirus can become a danger: In the USA, a mega wedding has now been stopped by the authorities. Up to 10,000 guests were announced.

New York authorities are against a planned one wedding dealt with possibly more than 1,000 guests. “There was a big wedding planned that would have violated the assembly rules,” said governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday.

According to one employee, an investigation found that the celebration on Monday was in Brooklyn should take place. Some sources even spoke of up to 10,000 participants. The event was expressly prohibited by a ruling. The city authorities are alarmed, so Cuomo. “I’m sure they have people watching that.”

The wedding was to take place in the Williamsburg neighborhood. Many ultra-Orthodox Jews live there. The wedding was apparently supposed to take place in a large synagogue. Weddings with many people are not uncommon in Jewish communities.

In the USA According to the CDC, more than eight million people with the Coronavirus infected. 70,078 new infections were reported on Saturday. The number of deaths increases by 1,001 to a total of 217,918.


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