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Just as a reminder New York Yankees have not been to the World Series of MLB in the last 12 years.

12 years! There are 13 teams that have gone to the World Series of the MLB since the last time the Yankees (2009).

That’s almost half of baseball and these are the damn ones Yankees, the Bombers (Mules) of the Bronx, The Empire of Evil, the 27-time champion, the most valuable and largest team in MLB, as you want to say.

Sure, the Yankees are spending a lot, but not like the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are hot on their heels at least in value and spending to win the World Series again in MLB as they did in 2020 and that 32 years will not pass again to raise the October classic again, it even seems that Los Azules seek to be like the Yankees between 1996 and 2009.

But the Yankees They also haven’t been as aggressive as the San Diego Padres at least in the changes since July 2020, something New York did between 1996 and 2009, and they were especially successful in the pitching opener.

George Steinbrenner would never have tolerated this, the Yankees’ best periods were with Big George, who would never have tolerated this.

The Yankees They are in a historic drought right now. Will they start acting like the Dodgers and Padres to return to the World Series in MLB?, as in the deadline for changes in the middle of the 2021 season we will know.

With some information from Will Leitch from MLB.with.

Graphic by Adriana Gallardo @adrianapez in Instagram síganla.

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