New Yorker discovers an ENTIRE apartment hidden behind her bathroom mirror (video)

Capture TikTok @samanthartsoe

Samantha Hartsoe lives in New York in a shared apartment. Her bedroom is ensuite and this week she felt a strong draft cool her entire bedroom, unable to figure out where it was coming from. On her TikTok account, she shared her surprising discovery, to say the least, and frightening!

Signs of life

After believing that the cold draft was coming from an air vent, or even her switch, Samantha realized that cool wind was blowing all around her bathroom mirror. She then untied it to discover a huge hole. “They are just cables,” said one of her friends. But Samantha, convinced that it’s more than that, films the interior. A small room is on the other side, and a door suggests that is not all.

Several rooms and a staircase

Samantha, who is not cowardly, slips into the hole with her camera and a flashlight. On the other side, she discovers an entire apartment: stairs, several rooms, water inlets, and signs of life. Even though she is armed with a tool, Samantha doesn’t surprise anyone.

Once back in her bathroom, she concludes that she is going to have a little chat with the owner of her apartment!

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