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New Zealand fired 88-year-old Ian Brackenbury Channell, known as the only officially appointed magician in the world because he did not accommodate his “new programs” designed for the city’s tourism.

As curious as it sounds, it’s real New Zealand officially had a “Wizard” designated by the State in 1998. The 88-year-old man offered his “Magic services” dressed in a pointed hat and a long robe, while sporting his long white beard.

As reported The Guardian, after 23 years of service finally the New Zealand authorities decided end the legacy from Ian Brackenbury Channell.

The man had become a popular tourist attraction in the city of Christchurch. There he presented “acts of magic and other sorcery services” for an annual cost of NZ $ 16,000, little more than 9 million Chilean pesos.

A New Zealand without magic

Was the prime minister Mike Moore in 1990 who asked Brackenbury to officially consider himself the Wizard of New Zealand. This because of “I am concerned that his magic is not available to the entire nation.”, according to the authority.

Brackenbury was born in England and began performing magic acts and entertainment in public spaces after arriving in New Zealand in 1976. There, the country’s council I had decided to stop it, but the citizens protested against this.

Later, in 1982, the Art Gallery Directors Association of the country pointed out that the man had become a “Living work of art”, so Moore later decided to officially name him a “Magician.”

William West | AFP

However, now in 2021, the authorities officially announced that the magician’s services were being dispensed with due to witchcraft “It no longer fits’ in the promotional landscape” “, said the assistant to the chief executive of the municipal council, Lynn McClelland. “Finishing the contract is a difficult decision,” he added.

This was mainly due, according to McClelland, to the fact that they have new programs in mind that they will seek to reflect the diverse communities that exist. Also adding a more vibrant vision of the city, as well as diverse and modern.

The Magician’s response

The annoying magician’s response was not long in coming and he took advantage of accusing the country’s authorities of being “A bunch of bureaucrats without imagination”.

Furthermore, Brackenbury supplemented that this was because it was “Boring and old” so it did not fit the “New and vibrant” city ​​that the authorities wanted.

“It’s just that they don’t like me because they’re boring old bureaucrats and everyone likes me,” the former New Zealand magician concluded.

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