NewB’s CFO leaves the bank

One year after the announcement of the departure of NewB CEO Tom Olinger, another defection has just taken place within the management committee of ethical bank NewB. According to our information, the CFO (financial director), Jean-Christophe Vanhuysse, left the institution to become an independent consultant. The chairman of the board, Bernard Bayot, declined to comment on this information. “Our policy is to give the first to cooperators”, he explained to us.

Until Monday, Jean-Christophe Vanhuysse was among the three members of the management committee informed on the NewB site. But this Tuesday (after we interviewed Bernard Bayot), he no longer appeared there. There were only the names of CEO Thierry Smets and Frans Vandekerckhove, the Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

It is difficult to know the reasons for the departure of Jean-Christophe Vanhuysse. Here too, Bernard Bayot wishes to reserve comments for cooperative members.

This departure seems in any case to confirm the difficulty for the brand new bank to find the necessary human resources, both internally and externally.

Which administrators?

And one can wonder if this is not also the case for the board of directors, whose profiles are sometimes quite distant from specialists in finance. Profiles of which, moreover, no information can be found on the bank’s website.

New names should be proposed at the meeting of June 12, promises Bernard Bayot, without giving further information.

We will therefore have to wait for the meeting of June 12 to find out more. Which convocation is announced for the next few days.

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