Newly appointed, Magdalena Andersson, the first woman to rule Sweden, resigned

The Swedish Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson, She presented her resignation this Wednesday, a few hours after being elected, for the departure of the Environment Party from the government coalition.

The environmentalists justified their decision by the fact that the parliamentary majority had forced the Red-green Executive to govern with the opposition budgets, although they reiterated that they continue to support Andersson, the first woman to govern Sweden, in the face of a hypothetical new vote.

“According to constitutional practice, a coalition government must resign when a party leaves. I do not want to lead a government whose legitimacy is questioned. That is why I have resigned.”Andersson said at a press conference, reiterating his willingness to lead a minority Social Democratic Executive.

The President of Parliament, Andreas Norlén, reported that he has accepted the resignation and this Thursday he will explain how the process continues after meeting with political leaders. The likely scenario is a new vote in which the Social Democratic leader is elected, since she maintains the same support.

Andersson lasted less than eight hours in office, those that happened since the Parliament tolerated his election, not having the majority against him (175 seats), until he presented his resignation.

The Social Democratic leader, who was due to present her new government this Friday, suffered a first blow when her budgets received fewer votes than the alternative motion of conservatives, Christian Democrats and the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD).

The proximity of the general elections, which will be held in September 2022, and the fact that the alternative budgets only mean modifying some items were the argument used by Andersson to agree to govern with them.


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