News 24 | A consultant comments on the high critical cases infected with “Corona” .. and confirms: Community immunity is the solution (video)

Infectious Diseases Consultant, Dr. Tariq Al-Azraqi, commented on the continued rise in critical cases infected with Corona, and the continuation of the fluctuation curve of infected cases as well.

Al-Azraqi said, during an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya channel, that critical cases in the Kingdom are still at a rate that hospitals can contain, indicating that the only solution to eliminating the Corona virus is to vaccinate 70% of society members with the anti-virus vaccine, in addition to adhering to preventive measures.

He added that community immunity can be reached at the time specified by the Ministry of Health if work is intensified during weekdays, noting that the competent authorities have provided more than 600 vaccination centers.

He pointed out that vaccinating 190 to 200 thousand cases per day will provide the required societal immunity, noting that foreign countries are vaccinating millions daily due to the high number of their populations.

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