News 24 | A health consultant reveals the most dangerous mutations of corona according to its spread in the last 60 days

Today (Friday), the Infectious Diseases Consultant at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, reviewed the levels of risk of the emerging coronavirus mutant, according to the percentage of their presence in the samples that were subjected to genetic sequence analysis around the world.

Asiri explained that the “Delta” mutant came out on top by being present in 99.8% of the samples, while the “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma” and “Omicron” mutant shared the remaining 0.2%, so that each of them was present in less than 0.1% in the samples. .

He pointed out that these percentages came in accordance with the results that were reached in the last 60 days, stressing that they show the direction on which efforts to combat Corona mutant should focus.

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