News 24 | Are you one of those who work at night.. Learn about the negative impact of this on heart health and how to avoid it

Scientists have confirmed that there is a negative impact on the heart health of those who work at night, or work in a job that requires them to change their shifts constantly between night and day.

Scientists said, according to the “BBC”, that changing work patterns affects the body’s biological clock, and therefore it also affects the brain and heart, and can cause severe damage to health.

They explained that the brain adapts quickly to changing working hours, but the body clocks in each heart cell are delayed, as the signals from the brain become out of sync with what the heart expects.

They pointed out that this functional pattern increases the risk of various heart diseases, and other factors may affect the risk ratio such as age, gender, family history and diet.

They added that what is most worrying about this pattern is the possibility that the heart will become confused and stop working for a period of time, and if urgent medical intervention is not taken, it may lead to death, but they stressed that this scenario is rare.

They pointed out that working at different shifts also causes digestive disorders and mood disorders, as well as increases the risk of cancer in general, noting that this is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

They stressed that to avoid these dangers and damage to the heart, the body’s biological clocks must be synchronized and harmonious with each other to the fullest extent, and it is preferable that night shifts be separated by at least two weeks to give the body time to adapt.

The scientists recommended taking short naps for a period ranging between 20 and 30 minutes during the night work period, and sleeping during the day in a cool, dark and quiet room.

They showed that bodies can be deceived into accepting new times by exposing ourselves to light and eating a good and sufficient breakfast before the night shift begins, and then avoiding food and light during the new night time.

They noted that there are still no pills that can be taken to reset the body clocks, but the entire daily routine can be changed during the day before the first night with the new routine, as this helps to adapt faster.

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