News 24 | Corona developments.. high injuries, deaths, recovery cases and a decrease in critical cases

The epidemiological situation of the Corona virus in the Kingdom witnessed a slight increase, during the past 24 hours, in terms of new infections, recovery cases, as well as deaths.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 467 new cases of the emerging coronavirus were recorded, an increase of 56 cases from yesterday.

Recoveries also slightly increased, recording 493 cases, and continued at their high levels compared to new infections, bringing the total of those recovering from Covid 19 to 774,492 out of 763,042 cases of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in the Kingdom.

And the deaths recorded a slight increase, as two cases died as a result of the pandemic during the past 24 hours, so that deaths remained at the low levels that started since the beginning of last October. This brings the death toll to 9130.

On the other hand, critical cases decreased again, as 4 cases left intensive care today (Sunday), bringing the total of critical cases to 77.

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