News 24 | Dates Center: The Kingdom has 33 million palm trees and does not want to increase them for this reason

The CEO of the National Center for Palms and Dates, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nuwairan, said that the Kingdom has approximately 33 million palm trees, and the agriculture strategy does not want to increase it at present. In order to conserve water sources.

He pointed out, during an intervention on the “In Public” program on the “Saudi Arabia” channel, that it is possible to preserve the palms in the Kingdom with the possibility of replacing palms. non-economic In the economic, indicating that the target production of dates is estimated at 300,000 tons annually.

He pointed out that the Kingdom will maintain the growth rate of date exports through 4 tracks; These are agriculture, export, local marketing and investment. There are also programs to empower leading companies. Studies have been conducted to examine the requirements of European markets, in addition to displaying products in international exhibitions.

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