News 24 | Forgery cases were revealed and honored by the Riyadh police.. the death of nurse Rima Al-Hasawi after a struggle with illness

Today (Monday), nurse Rima bint Saad Al-Hasawi died, after a struggle with illness.

A number of pioneers of social networking sites mourned the nurse Al-Hasawi, asking God Almighty to forgive her and dwell in his vast gardens, and to inspire her family patience and solace.

The pioneers of social networking sites launched the “We are all with Rima” hashtag, in solidarity with nurse Rima Al-Hasawi, after she was diagnosed with cancer.

It is noteworthy that the Riyadh police, represented by the security point in King Saud Medical City, honored nurse Rima Al-Hasawi, from the emergency of the Children’s Hospital, earlier. To enable her to seize a range of document forgery cases For the purpose of treatment in the city through incorrect data.

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