News 24 | “Health” spokesman: “Delta” is the most dangerous among Corona’s mutant… and one dose of the vaccine is not enough to resist it

Today, Sunday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, clarified a number of issues related to the novel coronavirus, and their danger to human health.

He said during the press conference on the developments of the Corona virus, that many of the Corona virus mutations were monitored, but 4 of them are of concern, which are “alpha”, “beta”, “gamma” and “delta”, noting that the latter is the most disturbing. .

He stated that the danger of “Delta” lies in many factors, most notably the speed of its spread, which is up to 3 times compared to the original virus, in addition to the severity of the symptoms of infection with this mutation.

He pointed out that there are studies and research that confirmed the inadequacy of a single dose of the vaccine to resist the “delta” mutant, and therefore obtaining two doses is key to reaching the optimal level of immunity to protect against this mutant.

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