News 24 | Microsoft backtracks and makes the new “Windows 11” compatible with wider segments of computers

The American company Microsoft announced its retreat from a previous decision regarding the operating system “Windows 11”, indicating that it will make the new system that it will introduce during this year; Compatible with a wider variety of computer chips.

The decision contributes to reducing the need for institutions and companies to purchase new computers that are compatible with the latest versions of the Windows operating system.

The company said that “Windows 11” will not support “Zen 1” chips from AMD, but it will be compatible with “Core X” and “Xeon W” chips from the seventh generation, and that users will also be able to install the new operating system on devices Certain computers running Intel 7th Generation “7820 HQ” processors, including Microsoft Surface Studio 2, which were excluded under the previous policy for the new operating system.

Microsoft defended the minimum requirements for security and compatibility reasons, and said it would release an updated version of the PC Health Check app, to flag certain parts of a computer that don’t meet the latest requirements, and direct people to information on how to comply.

Microsoft had announced the new version last June, indicating that it would limit support for the system to AMD’s Zen 2 chipset, Intel’s eighth generation chips, in addition to Qualcomm’s seventh and eighth generation chipset series. To the grumble of many users who are interested in the new version, their devices do not meet the requirements set by the company.

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