News 24 | Musli Al Muammar sends this message to Prince Khaled bin Fahd after the “Abu Bakr” deal was settled

The Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Club, headed by Musali Al Muammar, thanked the golden member of his club, Prince Khaled bin Fahd.

Musli Al Muammar published a picture of Prince Khaled bin Fahd, through his Twitter account, commenting: “With every Nasra step, we must thank the golden lovers, fans and fans, and on top of them the supporting symbol, who follows the smallest details himself, supports us with money, and supports us In making the decision.. Thank you, Khalid bin Fahd. Your Highness does not give his right.”

Yesterday evening (Tuesday), Al-Nasr club announced the official contract with the Cameroonian striker, in a free transfer deal for a period of 3 years, starting from next season.

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