News 24 | Onions receive patients and shisha in the laboratory.. A health center turns into a shelter for bulk workers in Riyadh (video)

A stumbled health center building has been turned into a shelter for bulk workers in Riyadh, and its conditions have begun to deteriorate significantly.

A report by the “An-Nahar” program on the “Al-Ekhbariya” channel monitored the deterioration of the health center in southern Riyadh, especially the storage of onions and other vegetables in the reception desk, in addition to the transformation of the file section into a kitchen and the laboratory into a café for preparing shisha.

The building, which was supposed to open four years ago, includes sections that have been converted into bedrooms and warehouses for unknown goods and electrical appliances.

A number of people who live in the vicinity of the center demanded that a committee from the Ministry of Health meet to discuss the matter of this center, and they also expressed their surprise that the center was not opened despite its completion many years ago.

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