News 24 | Pharmacist warns against taking antibiotics, and talks about a shocking expectation of bacterial deaths

Pharmacist Amani Al Osima warned against taking many antibiotics without the need for them or without consulting a specialist doctor; To avoid the health risks that may result from it.

Al-Osaima explained that antibiotics have contributed, since they were reached, to the preservation of humanity, but that people have carried them more than their capacity, calling for avoiding excessive use of them.

She pointed out, in an interview with the “Madam” program on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, that the antibiotic is a chemical compound extracted from a living organism to kill another microorganism, as it was used in the past to fight bacteria.

She noted that the number of deaths that will be recorded due to bacteria in the year 2050 is more than the cases resulting from cancer, indicating that the high temperature is often an indication of the virus entering the body and not the bacteria.

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