News 24 | Psychologist: A toxic work environment increases an employee’s chances of depression by 3 times

A mental health professional explained that research linking the work environment to anxiety, insomnia, and even physical problems has increased in the last decade.

The specialist, Faisal Al-Dasimani, said:News 24The most recent published research shows that workers in a toxic work environment are three times more likely to be diagnosed with depression than the average person.

He revealed that the strongest factor in an individual’s assessment of the health of his work environment is his manager, and the most common behavior is the disappearance of boundaries in the relationship, and the employee is often annoyed by a manager who does not appreciate his privacy, or his moral or professional limits, and this ignites daily anxiety and annoyance for the employee and develops into a larger problem with time. .

He stressed that if you are a victim of a toxic work environment, there are quick and noticeable consequences, the most important of which is that the individual will notice an increase in the amount of his self-criticism, because when he is unable to adapt, he usually blames himself, and instinctively tries to direct himself to more appropriate ways to coexist, and this self-criticism turns into anger. Lethargy, sometimes causing what we call “functional burnout”.

He pointed out that a healthy environment is not only about maintaining the psychological health of its employees, but will inevitably improve it, and the best way to do that is to set clear and reasonable expectations from the employee that are achievable, such as taking into account his circumstances and respecting his privacy, in addition to his gratitude and appreciation when completing his tasks, and developing in his work In terms of position and experience.

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