News 24 | Shoreon propose granting children of female citizens a “permanent residence” permit without fees

A number of members of the Shura Council submitted a request to approve the proposal to add a new article to the “residency system” that would enable the children of female citizens married to non-Saudis to obtain a “permanent residence” license for an unlimited period without financial fees.

According to Okaz, the members explained that the implementation of the proposal is on the condition that the woman marry a non-Saudi, and that the marriage took place with the approval of the competent authorities and with a marriage contract documented by the concerned authority, noting that this would contribute to the achievement of international agreements and covenants signed by the Kingdom on human rights.

They added that the current residency system grants permanent residency to non-Saudi people and categories for humanitarian reasons, which confirms the entitlement of the children of a foreign national to obtain permanent residency in the Kingdom without financial compensation, similar to the benefits obtained by a foreign investor.

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