News 24 | Specialist: 40% increase in fetal deaths since the Corona pandemic.. and this is the effect of two-dose vaccination on pregnant women

Consultant Maternal, Fetal and Critical Pregnancy Medicine, Dr. Wajih Al-Aali, reviewed some of the effects of infection of pregnant women with the Corona virus.

And he explained, during his meeting on the “Yahla” program on “Rotana Khaleejia” channel, that since the outbreak of the pandemic, the rates of premature and cesarean deliveries have increased, and the number of fetal deaths within the womb has increased, noting that fetal deaths in the wombs of women who were infected with Corona increased by 40%. Since the start of the pandemic, compared to women who were not infected.

He added that the “delta” mutant was the fiercest among the series of coronavirus mutant on pregnant women compared to the main virus, stressing that the fetal mortality rate due to “delta” rose from 6 out of every thousand people to 27 out of every thousand people.

Regarding the effectiveness of immunization with two doses of the vaccine, Al-Aali said that the women who received two doses were safe from exposure to the dangerous complications of infection with the Corona virus, including the death of the fetus in the womb.

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