News 24 | “State Security” revives the march of a leader who is considered one of the pioneers in security work in the Kingdom

The Presidency of State Security revived the march of the Director General of the General Investigations, Lieutenant-General Fayez bin Muhammad Al-Awfi – may God have mercy on him – during the period (1387-1389 AH).

The presidency clarified that Al-Awfi was appointed chief of the fire brigade in the Holy Capital on 1/1/1368 AH, after which he became head of all fire brigades, and was promoted to the rank of major in 1372 AH, then was promoted to the rank of major general in 1385 AH, then worked as Director-General of General Investigations in 1387 AH.

She added that in 1389 he held the position of Director General of Civil Defense and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General, then to the rank of First Lieutenant-General in 1393 AH. Jeddah Governorate in 1421 AH.

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