News 24 | The black fig.. 9 benefits that will amaze you

The black fig is one of the most popular fruits, both fresh and dried, and in this report we review the most prominent health benefits of black figs, according to the opinions of health experts and doctors.

1- Promote heart health

Figs contain powerful antioxidants such as phenol, which promote heart health, and figs play a role in improving cholesterol levels in general, which reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

2- controlling blood pressure

Black figs contain potassium, which helps maintain the balance of body fluids, which relaxes blood vessels and lowers pressure.

3- Laxative and anti-constipation

Figs contain high levels of dietary fiber, which helps soften waste, improve bowel movement, and prevent or treat constipation, in addition to preventing digestive disorders.

The black fig.. 9 benefits that will amaze you

4- A source of vitamins and minerals

Figs are an important source of a group of minerals and vitamins necessary for the body, the most famous of which are calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium.

5-Resisting Alzheimer’s disease

One of the potential benefits of figs is that it may help to resist some neurodegenerative diseases, as figs contain substances that may help fight infections that may appear with age.

6. Improve hair and skin health

Fig fruits and some compounds extracted from different parts of the fig tree may have many potential benefits for hair and skin, including treating skin warts, maintaining hair health, and resisting many skin diseases, such as: psoriasis and eczema.

7. Strengthen bones

Black figs strengthen bones, because they contain calcium and potassium, which reduces the chances of bone infection with some diseases, such as osteoporosis, and stimulates the growth of healthy bone tissue when any bone fractures or injuries occur.


8- Regulating blood sugar levels

One of the benefits of black figs and figs in general is that it may help regulate blood sugar levels, and this potential benefit of figs can be obtained in several different ways, including eating fruits, or using fig leaves, as these leaves contain substances that may help reduce the dose of insulin that he may need. Patients taking insulin medications.

9- Reducing symptoms associated with respiratory diseases

Eating figs is one of the factors that help relieve symptoms that may accompany some respiratory diseases and problems, such as: sore throat, cough, and phlegm buildup.

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