News 24 | The Minister of “Islamic Affairs” issues circulars to employees of mosques, imams, preachers and muezzins

Today, Sunday, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, issued several circulars to mosque employees, including imams, preachers, muezzins, official preachers and cooperators in various regions of the Kingdom.

The first circular stipulated directing mosque employees in the Kingdom to the importance of participating in intellectual security courses held by the ministry or other state agencies, in order to activate their role in this field, and also to participate in research and scientific papers in seminars and conferences that are implemented.

The second circular also directed mosque preachers and preachers, explaining the correct belief and legal rulings, urging the display of morals and virtuous morals, and directing people to adhere to good citizenship, and to listen and obey those in authority, as he directed in a third circular that the advocacy activities held in mosques where funerals are prayed for After the obligatory prayers and after completing the funeral prayers, if any, and not between the call to prayer and the Iqamah, which causes delaying the Iqamah date for the time specified by the Ministry.

The fourth circular included emphasizing not to allow the establishment of any advocacy activator without obtaining a permit from the ministry, holding those who violate this accountable, and emphasizing the branches of the ministry to follow up on its implementation and submit periodic reports to the ministry. And students of knowledge are researchers and scholars, as he directed the review of these libraries and feed them with what is useful and beneficial and to exclude books that call for extremism and partisanship and others.

He also stressed the need for each branch of the ministry to prepare lists of the books in these libraries, and not to deposit any book in them until after it was presented to the competent authority in the ministry and to confirm to mosque employees to exclude all unauthorized books.

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