News 24 | The Ministry of Health announces the working hours of the primary and extended health centers during Ramadan

The Ministry of Health announced the working hours of primary and extended health care centers in the Kingdom’s regions during the holy month of Ramadan.

She explained that all health centers work from ten in the morning until four in the evening, and extended health centers work 16 hours, working from ten in the morning until four in the evening and from nine in the evening until two ten In the morning, indicating that the health centers operate throughout the day Continue the work Out The same period of 24 hours.

She added that the working hours of the duty centers are 16 hours and the shift is 24 hours, from after 4 pm all days of the week, except for Friday and Saturday, so that work starts from 8 in the morning.

To find out about the health centers on duty, please click Theya.

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