News 24 | The Ministry of Health provides an early screening service for colorectal cancer in health centers

The Ministry of Health announced that it provides early screening service for colorectal cancer in primary health care centers in all regions of the Kingdom.

The Ministry stated that the target groups for detection include people between the age group of 45-75 years. Even if there are no symptoms of the disease or a family history of colorectal cancer or polyps.

She added that the examination is carried out by booking an appointment through the “My Health” platform, and it is aimed at people with an increased risk of developing the disease, and they are those who have a family history or personal injury of colorectal cancer, polyps, long-term inflammatory bowel disease, or ulcerative bowel disease, and those who They were exposed to radiotherapy during childhood.

And she indicated, through the “Live Seha” platform, that the chances of developing colorectal cancer increase after the age of fifty for both sexes, as 90% of cases occur for those aged 45 or older.

She indicated that the early symptoms of the disease are a change in the output, diarrhea, constipation, or a change in the nature of the stool for more than two weeks, and the presence of bleeding from the anus or blood with the stool, in addition to abdominal disorders such as cramps, gases or pain for a long time, in addition to feeling Constant desire to go to the bathroom, weight loss of unknown cause, severe anemia of unknown cause, and vomiting.

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