News 24 | The owner of a rumor that Turki Al-Sheikh gifted a luxury car to an artist, who apologizes for his misinformation (video)

The young man who published a clip yesterday claiming that the Chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment, Turki Al-Sheikh, presented a luxury car worth millions of riyals as a gift to an artist, admitted that what he published was incorrect.

The young man explained in a video clip to him, that after circulating the video he published from the Diriyah exhibition in the Riyadh season, it became clear to him that the information he mentioned was wrong and he did not verify it.

The young man apologized to the Sheikh family for spreading this false information, calling on everyone not to publish any video on social media until after verifying its source.

Al-Sheikh had described what was circulated as a malicious rumor and deliberate lying, stressing that he would file an official complaint according to the system against the photographer of the clip and its publication.

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